Merlin Medicare Risk Adjustment 8.0

06 January 2018
Version 8.0 has arrived, making Storan MRA better than ever. Check out the highlights below and learn more about what Storan can do for your Medicare Advantage business.

HCC Helper is available FREE for iPhone users
There is now a new and improved HCC Helper App. With more than 9000 ICD 10 codes which are HCC relevant, it's impossible to remember them all, that's why we developed HCC helper. It gives you a helping hand when trying to remember some of those less often used ICD10 codes. HCC Helper also tells you the additional code manifestation(s) you need while coding a particular ICD10. For instance while coding E11.22, you also need to code select the applicable code from N18.1-N18.6. HCC Helper is available FREE for iPhone users
Powerful software for driving higher quality, lower cost and better patient care
Storan Technologies is the nation's foremost provider of iPAD based Health Risk Assessments and medical record review software for managed care plans, physicians, hospitals and service bureaus. iHRA power begins through the collection of individual operational tasks, applying the relevant data from across the health care system to provide a thoroughly modern all-in-one business solution. iHRA is secure, powerful, intuitive and easy to learn. Coupled with iHRA designer it is the ideal solution to an otherwise manual, labor intensive paper based system

We’re not your typical Software company

Founded in 1995, Storan Technologies Inc. transforms organizations and improves health care through innovative technology. Healthcare organizations rely on its software products, services and consulting to improve the delivery and operations of their business. More information about Storan is online at www.storan.com