Company Info

Why Storan Technologies

Storan Technologies, changed the way companies manage their Medicare, Medicaid and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) business. Traditionally Medicare risk plans either outsourced their data analytics and audits or managed them in-house, an all or nothing approach. Storan allows plans to leverage their internal resources and shore them up where necessary under one platform. The best features of outsourcing combined with maximizing internal resources with the most powerful technologies are combined for unprecedented ease of use, expanded functionality and increased availability. Storan is Healthcare risk management designed from a customer perspective.

Company History

Storan Technologies, Inc. founded in 1995 delivers comprehensive solutions for health plans, ACOs and MSOs striving to succeed amid new and evolving regulatory requirements. Headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, the company brings world-class innovations to companies serving the Medicare and Medicaid populations. Storan Technologies Inc. can be reached at (636) 477-7701.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy can be summed up in two words “User Focused”. What is our definition of User Focused? It’s when everything we do is viewed not as the engineer but as the user. It is the convergence of technology, creativity and usability. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to transcend mainstream perceptions and provide our users with unprecedented ease of use.

Storan Team

Located in St. Louis MO, the Storan team is a dynamic group of skilled, creative and intelligent individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate about our products and our customers. At Storan Technologies we work together to provide an outstanding user experience, revolutionary products and world class support.

Team Values


Trust and honesty are the basis of all interactions.
Be respectful and considerate of each individual in the organization.
Encourage, support and instill confidence in one another.
Focus on results, not on who gets credit.
Avoid unfounded accusations.
Embrace and be open to new ideas.
Being on a team requires participation.
The more we listen, the more we learn.
We must have fun in order to realize our full potential.


A team will reach its goals only when each member is completely dedicated to fulfilling their responsibilities even though there is not total agreement on every plan of action.

Effective Communication

Receive information without being defensive.
Communicate in a clear and concise manner.
Communicate frequently, timely and consistently.
Use discretion in communications with others.

Realize that each individual is responsible for communicating important information.
Acknowledge that both parties have the responsibility to ensure that the intent
of the message has been conveyed.