Integrated Health Risk Assessment

We’ve listened to our clients and answered their need for completing in home based Health Risk Assessments (HRA). Our suspecting rules engine have been updated with hundreds of rules to identify appropriate candidates for HRA . We have expanded our scheduling module to specifically manage scheduling home visits. We have integrated our business rules engine to ensure compliance. We have merged our profiling module to identify previously documented and undocumented conditions. We have redesigned our user interface (UI) to present a WYSIWYG format with a rules engine behind the curtains.  This allows every client to have their own HRA form(s), no one size fits all approach. We then wrapped it up in our 1024 bit encryption technology, coupled all that to to our financial forecasting system so you can calculate the anticipated  ROI. Wow, everything talking to everything else, what a concept!

Improved Suspecting Engine

We’ve opened the doors to expanded possibilities with the additions to our suspecting engine. We have expanded our pharmacy to disease mappings module to include mental health and skin ulcers as well as several other disease groups. Our clinical algorithms have been expanded even further to identify those ‘not often coded’ diagnoses. Our improved drag and drop interface makes suspect selection even simpler than ever.

Smart Trac RADV Support

We give you the tools that you need for RADV audits. Need to find the best supporting documentation for a particular diagnosis? Smart Trac finds it for you saving you hours or even days of searching. You can choose to download or print the documentation immediately. Using the Smart Trac’s slick preview and light box functions, you can glance at the document before actually opening it.


The problem with projects is in tracking them. Now you can track their progress, find out who, what, where, when and why with just one finger. We provide you with the most comprehensive management reporting system ever. All WEB based and available to you 24×7

Online Scheduling

The logistics of scheduling retrospective audits is always time consuming and expensive. Our latest enhancements significantly simplifies and improves the scheduling process.Your schedulers can now review their schedules and performance online by simply clicking a link from an email and logging into their portal. Better yet, they can download their scheduled office locations directly to their Garmin GPS, so you don’t waste a minute of their valuable time.

Task Bar

Keep track of all your most often viewed reports or applications on the Merlin Task Bar. Our unique platform really shines here – drag a icon from your Merlin Menu and drop it into the Task Bar, and “Hey Presto!” the application, with all it’s data, is automatically added to your shortcut Task Bar. Want to remove a short cut? Just drag it off the Task Bar, how simple is that?

Ease of use

Work in your own familiar Web based environment, on your own time, separately but in sync with IT Assistance

Get built-in assistance for ICD9 codes: templates, point-and-click editor, and error checking Simplicity

Simplify complex coding projects through smart views, filters, and easy search and

Provider Management

What docs are not seeing their patients? How often do they see them and when they do, do they document all the known conditions? Maybe it is hit and miss, in which case you’re missing revenue and your members are not getting the care they need.We give you the tools to manage your providers and your providers the tools to manage their patients.

Financial Statements

With just a few clicks of the mouse, financial statements, revenue projections and project improvement reports can be generated and sent to your project team(s). You won’t believe how simple it is!.

HCC Management

What do you do with all those RAPS Error Reports? Merlin makes it easy to solve those pesky error codes with a few clicks of the mouse, and resubmit the corrected data back to CMS. Resolve those membership reconciliation issues in minutes rather than days. At its core, Merlin MRA is all about raising your revenue, saving you time and making your life simpler.

SKYPE Interface

In this economic climate you have to save money where and when possible. Your schedulers can now contact the providers and coders by VOIP by simply clicking a link on their screen, saving you time and money.


Capture data using a windows application on a laptop or desktop without internet connectivity or Capture data using a WEB based application directly to the server from the electronic medical record (EMR)


Filters provide you the flexibility to isolate what YOU want to see. Generate sub-category lists, export them, eMail them, you decide. Filters are the ultimate tool in maximizing your data to its fullest potential.

Member Management

It’s not always the doctor’s fault, sometimes patients with chronic conditions need to be told to go see their doctor. Otherwise they end up in the ER. Who is managing their care, the PCP, their specialist, the ER? What docs are your members seeing, how often and why? We have an APP that tells you all that and more!